You or Someone You Love

I may not have fashion sense or much sense at all. I may not have your
intellect or possess much of what you find important but I can recognize
a good person. You or someone you love could easily be where I find
myself. Whatever the differences between us, we can share in the fact
that mental illness is indiscriminate. I may get healthy again and be
where you are or you or someone you love could join me wherever it is
you find me. It may be a chromosome but at this point in time we are
equally vulnerable. If you view this illness as a result of cause and
effect or where I have been a product of my environment please know that
it was not all of my own design. I did not choose where I was born, when
I grew up and there are a multitude of events I had little control over.
There may be reasons not to like someone but your opinion shouldn’t be
one. There may be many reasons I am unwell, please don’t be another.

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