I have questions and fears about my diagnosis just like society. Share with me what you know about people who I have common symptoms with but also share with society the things you know about me as a person. If society knew more of our individual humanity it would help to reduce the stigma which is a major barrier to recovery. Please remember that how you diagnose me will have an impact on how I am treated. Not only the treatment that is meant to help me, but also the treatment society imparts on me. Please attach to me words that will help my family, peers and society recognize me as I was and hopefully can be.

2 thoughts on “Words

  1. Word and labels can be so damaging. Maybe you could write a new empowering set of words which describe this man, Brett, who writes so well and connects to his world, his medical condition and seems to have a real knack of getting to the core truths in life.

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