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In the things you have me do let some of them be my passion. My passion might be as simple as eating ice cream or as complicated as Classical guitar. If you have listened to me or watched close enough you may even know my passion when I don’t or can’t. Encourage me to pursue my passion it can help build meaning about things I have yet to understand and at the very least will bring me moments of pleasure. I have talents and likes. Find ways for me to experience them. Even though I am ill I can still experience pleasure. Don’t always assume your ideas of pleasure or treatment are mine. Ask me.

I was at a restaurant and a man opened his trunk and began to assemble and adjust a mobility scooter. I was eating and didn’t see everything but the next time I looked he was bringing a walker to the passenger door. I thought I never want to be someone who needs a walker to get to a scooter. Next I saw a woman emerge and use the walker to not get into the scooter but to walk right past it and into the restaurant. Someone opened the door for her and she was in a seat behind me. Her husband finished putting the scooter away and was joining her as I left. He seemed a devout man but he had apparently failed to ask or listen to what she envisioned for her progress. Had he known he could have actually helped when she needed the door opened. At the very least he would have stood a chance at beating her to the table.

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