I walked to the pharmacy yesterday. I usually try to say hello to the people I meet when I’m out. I’m from a small town and live in an area with a small town identity within the city. The first person I met was a young man. I kept to my side of the walk and was glancing at him for eye contact. When the appropriate distance arrived and I was about to say hello he pulled out his cell phone to take a glance. I was blocked. On my way home from the pharmacy I was approaching a young woman. As I got nearer I could see the wires dangling from her ears. How do you say hello to someone listening to music? My next encounter was with an older woman. She was tiny and had on a bundle of clothes unnecessary considering the spring weather. I said “hello” and she quickly replied “have a good day and God Bless.” It wouldn’t surprise me if she doesn’t even own a cell phone or iPod. Some would say she has not embraced technology or is at least behind the times. She was unable to avoid my act of civility. She had to acknowledge me and in the process she was acknowledged. I don’t have a problem with technology but like the woman, I don’t have a problem without it.

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