Am I A Race or A Face?

I saw three children riding their bikes along the road. As they rode by with smiles on their faces I noticed one was Black, another Asian and one was White. I was smiling as they rode by me.

After supper I started to think about why the encounter made me smile. I started thinking about how Canada is multicultural and we all seem to get along despite our differences. My next thought made me smile. I realized those children probably don’t even recognize they are a race among three.

When did I start to see someone as different from me because of race? I have had the pleasure to know people from several different races. I find many of these individuals beautiful to a point where I don’t see race. I see a face; a face with the ability to laugh, frown, smile and cry.

Whatever colour you see someone as, don’t let it cloud over the faces we all share. The face you see is in no important way different from those who are in your immediate. We all have places for eyes and places for noses and mouths. Everyone you meet has a face different from your own. Everyone. Why do we pay attention to the differences that point to race?


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