I was at a hockey game the other night. I love being one among thousands who I at least share a passion for my city and its namesake hockey team. We are proud of our team and many wear at least their colours. We all share in their goals and victories but also in their pain and penalties. We can see the justification for their celebrations and reason in their injustices. When we leave the arena in either victory or loss we return to our lives.

What team do we support in our lives? When we have no jerseys to determine our allegiance who do we side with? Do we side with our kind or do we draw lines in our lives like those on the ice? Is our allegiance to a country, a flag, or do we draw lines behind even these? Is our allegiance to a city, or a neighbourhood? Is our allegiance to our family, to ourselves or to something greater than any of these? If we can share in the victories and losses of any of these is it not possible to share in all of these?

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