Grace’s Voice

One of the previous tenants who lived below me was named Grace. We were familiar but not to the extent where we became involved in each others lives. I was living on my own in the community for the first time since being released from the Forensic hospital. I’m not sure about the majority of Forensic clients but I had few friends and was somewhat isolated. This old house has no soundproofing other than what the wood floors muffle. I could hear Grace’s phone and her voice but no words. I could hear when she left the apartment or entered but I often didn’t know which. I could hear her on many occasions coming into the house around 11 pm. I would usually be in bed as I liked to get an early start in my dance with sleep. I wasn’t always conscious of it but when she came through the front door it was like a blast of air as she entered my vacuum.

I have no idea where Grace lives these days but I assume she is amongst us. We often have a presence in a person’s life that may be slight but can still be important.

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