I went out to the mall yesterday to purchase a shirt. I haven’t been to a mall in well over a year. Things looked the same and I was lost as usual. Many of the stores were for fashion and I kept looking at the mannequins. They seemed more muscular and toned. For the first time I noticed the legs of the females mannequins had muscles and definition; in my memory they were shapely only. They looked great but I had to wonder if the change was a reflection of what is actually out there or is it the magazine ideal. Part of why the mannequins stood out was because they were displayed in groups. I have seen groups of women but I can’t recall ever seeing all of them with the same body type. There are individuals who could more colourfully take the place of the mannequins but I have seen and met more women with a body type that differs. I’m not sure why we advertise to the majority using the minority.

4 thoughts on “Mannequins

    • My clothes often don’t fit my body either. Some months I need a tighter belt and other times I need more material. I think if you can make people believe they can be like someone else through purchase, it perpetuates sales. I will never be a model but I could spend a fortune trying to look like one. No one cares if I am successful, they’re just interested in my fortune.

      • Exactly. I’m actually “lucky” that I fit in majority of clothing off the rack or can pass it off (might be a little too big or a little too small) but there is a pressure to always maintain that look the same way there is pressure to attain that look. We should all be naked! 😛

      • I tried the naked thing in the Hole. The guards didn’t like it. I must have reminded them of their own humanity. I think they find comfort in a person being in orange, it’s easier to view a person as “them”.

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