In my late teens and early twenties I worked for the Ministry of Natural Resources. I spent several of my seasons in Kapuskasing. I was mainly involved with fisheries and wildlife but I had some knowledge of forestry imparted on me. I was once told how they obtain pine cones from the trees in their propagation plantations. I never saw  it but they apparently had a machine that ran down the rows and cut into the trunks of the trees. The trees reacted to this injury as though they were dying. They immediately started the process of producing fruit (cones).

What do we make of the injuries we suffer from life?

2 thoughts on “Propagation

  1. Hopefully, like the pine cones our injuries produce great fruit….a lot like your life has. You have suffered, you have risen above and you have received awards for fighting for the mentally ill(if I read that correctly in your Bio) and here you are further propagating great ideas and thoughts in a society which needs to be challenged for it’s still poor treatment and understanding of mental illness.

    • Thanks Leanne, I like the image of propagating ideas which challenge our views and treatment of mental illness. Obviously your life produces fruit as well, thanks for providing me with a taste.

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