Encourage me in my spirituality. It may not help you but it may be what carries me forward. When I thought I had little else my spirituality gave meaning to what I have always possessed. I have always possessed the qualities and birthrights we all share as humans. In this I find dignity. Dignity in knowing I will always possess the qualities that I share with you. If you cannot separate me from my illness you deny that I share many of the same qualities as you. I could be severely disabled but if you allow that I share some of these same qualities it translates into respect for me as a human. Proper treatment pivots on this respect. If you can find the grace to treat us with respect it can only rub off on us. That grace is how we are all healed.

3 thoughts on “Grace

  1. I have read through these posts, Brett, and what a path in life you have trudged !! I’m out of the page now, but I think you referred to the Second Coming of Christ at the top of your blog. I would like to pray for you and ask Christ to return soon so that people such as yourself and father would never ever in eternity have to go through experiences such as yours again. Amen
    I will be putting another post into my Parkinson blog at the end of the month, and thank you for your visit πŸ™‚ Ralph

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