I was in a coffee house with a couple of friends. One explained to me about a couple he had been watching. The man was sitting at a table on the patio and the woman went and brought back two coffees to the table. My friend commented on the fact that the man could have easily helped out a little. I didn’t pay much attention to it all as I hadn’t seen it play out. About 15 minutes later the couple was leaving. The man was using crutches as he only had half of his left leg. We both looked at each other and acknowledged the fact that his actions were easily explainable.

I started thinking that sometimes we assume things about each other but really are never in possession of all the facts. There are often factors in our lives that contribute to our actions. Many of us have challenges that to most are invisible. I will never know the experiences another has had or how those experiences affect that person. We are all different yet we expect others to be more like ourselves.

Most of what we are is hidden in the image we reflect to the world.. Unfortunately attitudes and beliefs are based mainly on what little we perceive.

5 thoughts on “Challenges

  1. Great post!

    I also don’t like people assuming that men need to always help women like that. If the man had brought back the coffee, regardless of whether the woman was physically capable, probably wouldn’t have thought that she should have helped. People get thrown off when I hold the door open for my partner but I need to do nice things for him also!

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