8 thoughts on “A mental health champion | St. Joseph’s Health Care London

  1. WOW!!! Congratulations!!!! I’m sharing this around! I hope you’re very proud of your accomplishments!!!! Are you doing anything for/attending Toronto Mad Pride? I think my group is.

    • Thanks for the congratulations. I’m actually a little surprised as there are so many people doing great things and for longer than myself. Tell me more about your group and Toronto Mad Pride.

      • We still need to discuss and arrange it (that’s on Tuesday) but we’re thinking of just a very casual and open discussion on how to do social work and mental health. Our research is based on our experiences as social work students with mental health issues so we know that social work is not where it should be in helping those with mental health issues.

      • You have an important role as a professional with lived experience. The combination is unique and hopefully both roles combine in a way to bring about positive change.

      • Maybe there will come a day when lived experience is on par with further studies. Some of what you know can only be experienced. This I consider to be specialized knowledge.

      • It is specialized knowledge, you’re right! Lived experience is valued when working with women, with immigrants, with the LGBT community and many others but not in mental health! It’s very upsetting! Organizations, I feel, are starting to see the value in hiring individuals with lived experience but it needs to happen faster.

      • I’m sure part of the problem is stigma. There are more people with lived experience working in the field than we realize but there is no advantage to making that known. At least these individuals can still put their experience to work but their voices need to be heard as well. Past athletes make good coaches.

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