5 thoughts on “Prison and Mental Health

  1. I just remembered something else I wanted to add to this post. I may do it as a second one. Do you remember when a member of the conservative party suggested all individuals in prison be given a rope so they can chose if they want to hang themselves? Gotta write about that!

    • That is a great idea. I hope it inspires me to write like the Prison and Mental Health has. I need to remember that in standing up for myself I also stand up for other people.

      • Yes! I’m realizing more and more as I struggle with cutting that knowing someone has been through something similar and has come out is extremely important!

        Never be quite! That what I tell myself!

      • My experiences initially lead me to a place of hiding. Some of this was simply the fear of what others may think. Now I realize what others think needs to be changed. If it is not me then who?

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