I will be going to Newfoundland for a spell so may not be posting as frequently as I do normally. If anyone reading this knows where I live please cut my grass while I am gone.

Thanks, Brett


6 thoughts on “Newfoundland


    My Dad’s side of the family is from Newfoundland! My Nana is there right now until September! She’s burying some of my Papa’s ashes. My partner was also born there! I have a very big East Coast side! I’ve never been to Newfoundland myself, only Halifax. I hope to go one day!

    Have fun!!!!

    • This is my first time on the Rock. It is amazing, it seems like I’m always looking at something scenic and when I turn my gaze there is simply more. Be sure to put it on your bucket list if you enjoy scenery. I’m assuming you are already aware of the fine people who call this area home as they are part of your life, enough said. I hope things aren’t too hot in Ontario. Take Care, Brett

      • I’ve seen the tourism commercials for Newfoundland and I’m in awe of the land! Yes, the people are great! When I travel to the east coast I’m always treated like I’ve lived there forever! Ontario has cooled down considerably!

        Keep having a good time!


      • I got screeched in by a relative through marriage today. He’s in his 70’s and it will always be a memory for me now. Interesting how small moments can carry our lives to other generations. I’m glad the weather is more bearable. I hope to be able to meet you at pride madness or that our paths cross somewhere. Brett

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