“Half Crazy” “Extremely Unstable”

I was having breakfast and noticed a gentleman across the diner wearing a hat that said “Half Crazy” “Extremely Unstable.” I’m assuming he wasn’t and was trying to be cute, funny or simply ridiculous. To actually be considered as such is not overly funny. Maybe I’m a little sensitive but I do find humour in my own plight because it gets me through. When others find my experiences funny it just gets to me.

I can never understand those who ridicule and joke about mental illness and those afflicted. Instead of sharing your derision why not share your secret? Possibly you remain quiet about your secret because you intend to patent it. You could market your secret seasonally even. I find the holidays especially difficult when I’m dealing with delusions. You could run commercials and hide your gift in Cadbury Easter Eggs. The rest of us could scratch our heads wondering how you got the gift inside. One in five would gladly pay to know what specifically you do to avoid mental illness. Please let us know what it is you eat or ingest to keep mental illness at bay. What Yoga moves can I practice to prevent mental illness? What is this secret you obviously possess? What shopping mall should I go to so I can purchase your immunity? It would be swell if I could pick it up at a garage sale. Used is better for me, many occupations seem off limits to me so money can be tight. Hopefully it fits into the shopping carts some of us push our lives around in or could I borrow your SUV? Maybe you and the many others who share your immunity can organize something like a blood donor clinic. Maybe it is something I can plant in my yard. Can I cultivate what you so assuredly posses? What will you charge for your secret? Do you take personal cheques? Maybe you keep it like some family recipe whose ingredients are only to be shared by those whose blood you share. It would be nice if you could open a drive thru. The one in five could order a “Double Double” dose of your formula. I sincerely hope it isn’t too complex. I have already been getting by using an array of medications and therapies. Please let it be a prayer or a pill.

Possibly you enjoy the disparity of power. You in your Birkenstocks reading the Globe at Starbucks and me mumbling to myself and or cursing at the sky down by the tracks. Is my plight not enough for you? Why do you add salt to my wounds?

This is all in jest obviously; if you had this knowledge, this power, there would be no need for you to take away what little I posses. There would be no need to label and denounce the mentally ill. There would be no need to stratify society by health or wealth because you would possess both. Still, it would be nice to know your secret to at least have health. Just imagine how popular you would be if you could help us dodge dementia, depression and delusions. You wouldn’t have to tell your stupid jokes; we would already be eating out of your hands!

If you do not posses compassion enough to share your immunity, have the decency to keep your misconceptions under your hat or at least off of it. Either that or wear one that says “Half Liver” “Extremely Jaundiced.” But that would be in poor taste wouldn’t it.

13 thoughts on ““Half Crazy” “Extremely Unstable”

  1. Hi Brett, this caught my eye because I only just read on my FB newsfeed that today is apparently ‘International Disturbed Persons Day’. True. The pic went on to tell me to share with my nearest disturbed friend that they were welcome to lick windows on the special bus, pee on yourself…. I’m guessing you get the idea.

    Perhaps I have no sense of humour either. What’s more it was posted by a health organisation (rather than a friend but why not? I never said I haven’t been disturbed and my friends know it).

    I still haven’t worked out exactly what to say,(it will come!!!) while people are having a ‘good’ laugh. Unbelievable.

      • Thanks. I’m relieved to know I’m not the only one having difficulty with this. Am writing a post on the subject. 🙂

      • We should also have International Multiple Personalities Week, one day isn’t enough! Who thinks these things up and what is their budget? I have a toonie if they’ll just leave us alone.

    • The special bus made me laugh. When I was in the Forensic hospital I was allowed in the community for the first time to do some aptitude tests at the employment agency. I don’t look like the stereotypical client and one of the women in the session made a comment about riding the big white van. I had to agree almost, when we exited the big white van we stuck out like sore thumbs. None of us looked the same and we couldn’t even pass as tourists. We were different ages and shapes and sizes and looked like fashion chaos. None of us wet our pants but it didn’t make us any less noticeable.

      I hope all is well down under and that you are recovering from the devastation to your community. Take Care, Brett

  2. That’s not a funny hat.

    I admit that I used to have keychains that said “Gone crazy be right back” and all that but I felt like since I was “crazy” I could do that! it’s the same as when someone jokingly says to me, “What? Are you crazy?!” and I respond with, “Well…actually….yes!” On of the kids I used to work with came in one day with a shirt that said “Alcatraz Psycho Ward”. It was hard to look at him that day. I was so mad at his shirt (he’s 7 so I didn’t say anything).

    You’re totally right that if we switch it to something else it becomes extremely offensive! I think I have a blog idea coming on!

    Great post!

    • I’m sure the guy meant nothing by it but if he had a message referring to any other condition he would have had more eggs coming his way than he ordered. It might seem petty on our part at times but looking at it with any clarity it is offensive. We need to call people on it or the stigma and crap continues. We have enough difficulties with our symptoms and illnesses without some joker thinking “wouldn’t that make a great hat.” Seriously who are the people who print these shirts and stuff? It’s not about being politically correct it’s just about being correct.

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  4. Excellent post. It reminds me of a shirt a boy wore when going thru my cash register one day. Now,,I know this boy and I know he has Austism,,and his family routinely came thru my register as I always spoke to him and let him help me out. I show him patience and treat him like he is like us human. His shirt read “Yes, I have Austism,,what’s your excuse.”
    Makes me want to get one that says the same “Yes,,I have a Mental Health Illness,,,you just can’t see it,,,what’s your excuse”.

    • I think when we experience hardship it often spawns compassion.I’m sure the boy is tickled by your grace. Sounds like a great T-shirt. It shows how we can carry on despite challenges.

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