“Worthy of the pay….”

This posting is some more of my psychotic thinking. For entertainment purposes only.

“I only want to help. I mean no harm so someone simply let me know what to scribble on my sign.

You give us political views and publish budgets and agendas and offer them as gifts. You elect to keep much of what you do a secret. We only want to know what it is you devise behind closed doors. A child does not leave their artwork in a drawer; we gladly display the work we are proud of. An employee does not hide in a box the fruit of their toil; they want their employer to know what they have done to be worthy of the pay. You are employed as my representative; it is I who employ you, why do you hide your efforts from me?

Freedom of Information should not be and Act, it should be a Right! When we learn of your blunders without you telling us first, what are we to think? You cling to innocence but what seeps from your mouth is always more lies!

We need to think why the government and how the government voted that governmental business was something to be uncovered. Where is it written that our elected should carry out OUR affairs and business in secrecy? The enemy will always have secrets; all I ask is should our government also? If it is to the essence of by the people and for the people, why are the people not given eyes to see what it is you do for them?

I can carry the flag from my car window and even pin it to my chest but it is only you that wraps it about your body as armor. Why are you protected by the flag but not me? If I can serve and even die for my country you have no right to lie to my country.

You pound into our heads “more jobs” all the while not doing yours!

I am a flea on the ass of government!!!”

12 thoughts on ““Worthy of the pay….”

  1. Psychotic. Not so much, I don’t think. Quite valid points you’ve made here. However, they’ll secret whisper their secrets behind your back, while you’re sleeping no less, to be sure that you know nothing of what you likely should know, though it’s probably something you don’t want to know. — Why would you explain how you cheated someone while making it sound like the best solution?

    • I don’t know how closely I cling to some of these thoughts but it does seem the solutions seem only to affect “the rest of us.” Bonuses and payouts abound on one end while cutbacks and layoffs blanket the other.

      • I know exactly what you mean. It does seem that way more often than not. It’s quite unfortunate that most governmental workers don’t actually deserve the pay that they receive, and what’s worse.. is that some of them continue to receive pay even after they’ve quit or retired.

  2. Hello there flea on the ass of government…..:) Just writing to let you know I have nominated you for Reader Appreciation Award….go to my last post to read more about it ( and also I have not yet uploaded the actual picture of the award to my post as I don’t know how to do that part but you’ll prob work it out quicker than me….) Congrats

  3. so true…..the way our representatives – whom we elect….seem so busy in secret, you would think they are working for someone else…….?

      • I agree…..perhaps they would be more in the open if they felt they didn’t have to protect their jobs…..hence a need for term limits…

    • Thank you for the compliment. I wasn’t sure how my psychotic thoughts would fly. I see some humour and truths in things I wrote while not well. I will rummage through some more and share a few in the future..just for you. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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