yogawithmaheshwari has nominated me for a Sunshine Award and mindfulness4nowย has nominated me for a Reader Appreciation Award. My thanks to them both. When someone finds your blog and responds with likes, comments or a follow it is an acknowledgement of ourselves. I put my self into my words and it is I who am appreciative of being seen. Thank you Leanne and Maheshwari.

Some of what I write is my way of allowing readers to see that mental illness is not something to be hidden. It is part of our world and touches most of our lives; shutting it out impoverishes us all. We are connected as humans by what shines within us but also by the fact that most of us are broken in some small way.

I’m trying to address two awards and will fall short at both but I would like to acknowledge a few bloggers.I try to wander the web and see what other creative people are doing. I like words but also enjoy those who record the world with photo’s. One that caught my eye and more was I’m not done exploring her images or words and I would recommend anyone to start. is one of my online neighbours. She came out and spoke to me when I first arrived here. She is a passionate person and I hope the conversation continues. or NZ Cate is a far off friend who I have even tweeted with. We have only met through words but if you look over her blog you will see that words can be enough and infinite sadness is infinitely more. has sent me on a journey of thought through posts and comments. This person knows more than me and has graceously chosen to share. Bethlam is an interesting blog surrounded by a fascinating place and its passage through time. Bethlam has taught me that the way we see things now is not how they will be seen in the future.

I am most familiar with these individuals but if I have liked or followed you, there is admiration without words.

Something about me:

I enjoy woodturning. I am not a craftsman, I simply enjoy having a dangerously lopsided piece of wood rattle my lathe until I can tame and tease it into something I can put my keys in.

I have more good people behind me than have ever stood in my way.

17 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. The only blogger in your list that I know about and follow is tracielouisephotography. She is amazing! I plan on taking a look at the others you mention. Congratulations on your two awards.

  2. Congratulations on your awards Brett. Very well deserved. And thank you for the mention. I’m off now to discover some new blogs, thanks to your suggestions. I have a terrible habit of following way too many but when I see something I like I just can’t help myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Congratulations on the nominations, they’re very well deserved. I always find your blog honest, intelligently-written and thought-provoking and you’ve made me consider lots of ideas I hadn’t thought about before, on bethlemheritage and elsewhere. I’ve recommended you to a good few friends as my favourite blogger. I look forward to going through all the other blogs you mention when I get some free time. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Sarah,

      It’s nice to have a face and name to go with your intelligence. I wasn’t even sure if it was a male or female I was speaking to. I was engaged enough by your thoughts that it really didn’t matter. I am humbled to know you place my blog high on your list. The respect is mutual. I hope the doctorate work is going well but your name is held in high regard regardless of any letters following it.


    • Hi Leanne,

      I took a bit of a break from blogging so I haven’t paid proper homage to the award you nominated me for. I do appreciate your support but I am most thankful for your comments and input. I will make my way back to your blog and mine and hopefully we can continue. Thanks again, Brett

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