Orphans of Democracy

Why is it that people depending on food banks is near the bottom of most election debate? What does it say about the elected and the electorate? Even in democratic countries the issues of the vulnerable are often lost in the fight for better contracts. We can fight and strike but what power do the vulnerable have? They can’t rally or march but still we consider them equal participants in democracy.

What if that one voice is not heard? Should we erect a monument to the “unknown member” of democracy? The one affected by every decision but without the ability to participate.

In sport we do not have to question what is fair. The entire Olympics are built on rules whose only purpose is to give each participant an equal footing. Why do the laws that govern our lives not have more of the same?

How is it fair to sleep on the street? Society will embrace you if you are a baby but to be homeless as an adult there isn’t even pabulum; only its box to call home. What changes in the child that they begin to lose worth as they age? The ones we see struggle are always someone’s child, it is up to us to see that they do not become orphans of democracy.

4 thoughts on “Orphans of Democracy

  1. People who are dependent on foodbanks and/or sleeping rough have such different priorities to those that govern. It’s so not fair. I’m not sure who organises it but here in NZ there is a yearly sleeping rough night where poliiticians, social workers, etc are encouraged to try sleeping out (in a staged situation though). I think they use a car parking building with only a piece of cardboard for bedding. I’m guessing that a similar thing is done in other countries and while I know it is only a token effort, I’m sure every little effort like that goes some way to at least acknowledge the orphans of democracy. Now if they could actually get on and make a difference…

    • Hi Cate,

      I like the idea of people who make decisions regarding another life to experience what that life might be like to live.
      If there is no empathy, decisions tend be be economically motivated.
      I was often upset on holidays because I knew the people who made decisions at my annual Board of Review had no clue what it was like to be left behind in a largely abandoned institution.

      • I totally understand you being upset by that. I doubt it will ever change unfortunately… but it’s so wrong. They need to have some understanding so that there is some empathy. We all deserve that much at least.

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