I Am Myself

I remember when popularity was all important. I used to cut my hair and wear certain clothes just to increase the odds. I played certain sports and hung out on certain corners. These days I am apt to not even shave. I do care what people think but I don’t go to bed worrying about pimples. Is it maturity or have I just let myself go? I don’t look for friends or tell jokes to be the center of attention. My mind lets me be more of what I want and less of what others want. Who and what I am does not change with the number of people who smile at me. If I have people around me am I greater than when I stand alone? My shoes are filled with the same flesh and bone.

16 thoughts on “I Am Myself

    • Hi Sonya,

      I think that if we can get past what we might imagine others may think, our best self does come through. I think Einstein had the right idea; the hair on ones head is less important than what resides in it. I’m sure he owned a comb but why bother? I don’t bother but baldness is another topic 🙂 Thanks for the comments. Brett

    • Hi Julianna, The funny thing about inspiration is that we cannot offer it unless we borrow some from others…hence the visit to your site. I will be back for some of that sunshine. Thanks, Brett

      • Ahhh – it’s the artist filling their Well… so important to refill, so that we continually have more to give. Thanks for this note Brett! Peace to you – j.

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