Pavlov’s Dog

My dog sometimes signals me when she has not had enough to eat or I have walked past her empty water dish. When she needs either she scratches at the metallic surface of her bowl. I’m not sure who is Pavlov’s dog for it is I who come running to the noise. Her hunger creates in me a series of behaviours. I guess it’s fair for I snap my fingers and she sits. I can also point and have her lay down. She is my only company for about 10 hours some days. She is always at my side and I feel safe knowing she is near. At night I can hear her yelp in her dreams and sigh into rest. It is comforting to know the beasts have dreams. Do they contain the agony and ecstasy that I scurry through in mine?

If I faced nothing in my dreams would I be able to face life?

9 thoughts on “Pavlov’s Dog

  1. i want to give a state a point here, humanity is getting worse day by day, people are getting more decieving and cunning every day, a man should be safe in the knowledge that there are other people supporting his back, but people dont find safety in that, but they go to animals to inhale love and protection, i love animals, but think that it is not their duty to provide us with love and protection, it is people’s duty to provide each other with love and safety

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