Both Sides of Their Mouths

I really don’t mean to pick on the conservatives but there is so much wrong with them it’s hard not to stare at the train wreck they consider governing.

This time it is a provincial “leader” who is disguising himself and his party as caring. I don’t disagree with Mr. Hudak’s statements that we need to expand mental health services for our youth or that mental and physical health is equally important. What I find perplexing is the fact that he actually believes he can stand in front of the disaster he and Mike Harris created by cutting health care and mental health services to begin with. It’s like taking a pee on the side of a highway with your back turned. We all know what the hell you’re up to. I may be disillusioned but I am skeptical of what trickles from his mouth today, considering what he did yesterday. It’s a bit like condemning the Klu Klux Klan while slaves pick your cotton. Tim Hudak shouldn’t be issuing statements, he should be issuing apologies.

Maybe Tim Hudak is the man for the job. Who better to “reinvent” the provincial health care system than the one who disassembled it brick by brick? On the other hand builder’s tools are quite different than the wrecking ball. Anyone can knock mortar from bricks but only talent can use it to build.

Despite this idiocy it is nice to see politicians talking about mental health. Just be wary of those that speak from both sides of their mouths; it’s a common birth defect among politicians and exasperated by re-election.

1 thought on “Both Sides of Their Mouths

  1. When I first read the article with Hudak saying we needed improved mental health care access I had to read it a few times to make sure I didn’t miss some conservative BS about how Canada can’t afford it or whatever he could come up with. I’m still baffled. I guess since people care about mental health now he’s changed his tune. Still not cool and will NEVER vote for him!

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