4 thoughts on “Bill for mentally-ill offenders could hurt public safety, groups say

    • Thanks for the re-blog. This Bill makes me nervous as well. It has the potential to institutionalize certain individuals for life. The crime is static and if risk is derived from it, risk will remain static. I think the government is pandering to our shock at certain events and assuming there are many votes in the outrage. There may be but if people stopped and looked at the Bill and realized what it means to mental health it might upset the one in 4 (5). I hope you don`t live in fear but I see your apprehension as you are one who realizes there is no immunity.

      • I am not of the depressive stock. I am aggressive and there is already a stereotype of BPD being violent and criminal. I do not have a violent past in the sense of police have been involved but I would like the support. i can accept punishment but not when it’s linked to something I need to be treated for.

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