Justice & Ideology: The Not Criminally Responsible Reform Act (CBC Radio)

Justice & Ideology: The Not Criminally Responsible Reform Act (CBC Radio).

Courtesy of http://prideinmadness.wordpress.com/2013/03/25/justice-ideology-the-not-criminally-responsible-reform-act-cbc-radio/

3 thoughts on “Justice & Ideology: The Not Criminally Responsible Reform Act (CBC Radio)

    • I haven’t contacted the media. To be honest I’m unsure how to. I feel from the coverage I have seen that mental health consumers are not and have not been considered. One would assume a Bill that affects a certain group would be as a result of consultations with that group. It appears we are a non entity. One of the problems I see with mental health is that the client is often without a voice. This can lead to mistreatment and a sense of powerlessness. To have our government ride across our lives without stopping to ask what our concerns are only shows me this government has no issue with disregarding people with mental health problems. My other problem is that we stand up against stigma and our government stands behind it. We are all torn by the atrocities committed but to make a photo op in front of the worst only perpetuates that vision. You can agree mental illness has many faces, what interest does the government have in showing only the worst?

      • Yes, I see and agree with the issues you have brought up.

        If you would be interested in contacting the media, say the Tortonto Star, you would just email the editor. Even if that’s not the right person they can connect you to who is.

        I wish this was easier.

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