Dear Don Cherry,

The nation values your informed opinion on hockey but please don’t confuse your expertise of the ice with having any basis for the plays that are far beyond the boards.

You take your less than informed opinion and cast your Tweets among people who may confuse you as someone who is informed. They might actually think you picked up a book on the subject.

“I know the verdict won’t bring back Sgt. Russell but it’s got to hurt to see the guy go scott free. It really is amazing in Canada; it seems if you kill someone and act mentally disturbed your changes of freedom are assured. As if somebody who kills somebody is not mentally disturbed. Like the guy who did the number on the poor kid on the bus out west and the father who did in his kids in Montreal. They’re walking around free. It’s so sad. It seems like this is how it works. First you start with an unelected left wing judge, get a lawyer to whittle the jury down to the left wing thinking “poor me” etc and throw in the left wing media and bingo you are free.”

Sorry Don but you kind of missed the five hole on that one.

I find it fascinating that you actually watch the play and at times the replay before you share your opinions but when it comes to legal and psychiatric matters you see fit to share your ignorance without being in possession of much outside of emotion.

We are grateful for your take on the game of hockey but you do us all a disservice when you spread misconceptions about mental illness, forensic psychiatry and the medical and legal processes that govern those found Not Criminally Responsible.

Since you know how to use Twitter it shouldn’t be too much to ask you to use Google before you share your words with the nation.

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