Desiderantes meliorem patriam


I understand the attraction to re-election but I’m growing tired of the Conservative government advertising to me.

I sometimes skip the news so you could even be doing a good job Mr. Prime Minister but I find it astonishing that everything you do wrong can’t be uncovered by the fourth estate whereas when a job surfaces all I can see is some pension prone Conservative grinning in front of flags and microphones. The words I hear from this government remind me of tuna. They’re both out of a can.

Why should a government advertise to its citizens that they’re doing a good job? Shouldn’t we know that without being influenced by propaganda? Forty-two thousand seven hundred and eighty nine military personnel died fighting to end a system that advertised to its citizens. Outside of that insult to all Canadians, it simply appears stupid. If anyone else spent as much time and energy telling their employer that they’re doing their job they would be fired. I’m surprised we don’t have road construction crews carrying signs with the prime minister’s picture on them. Without those “Action Plan” signs I never would have figured the government was working on highway 401. I would have just assumed it was Communist China. They do that don’t they?

I’d like to roll over and just let you and your cronies figure out what’s best for you but that’s what the Senate is for…please Stephen, not on the green carpet. If you worried less about the next election and just did your job you would have more signs to put up and you could use the money you saved cutting low-income co-operative housing to purchase more TV commercials to tell us about the Conservative Action Plan.

If you don’t know what to do with yourself when you stop covering your ass, try reading the Latin on the Canadian Coat of Arms. Desiderantes meliorem patriam; they desire a better country.

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