Mental Illness Awareness Week 2.0

In writing, success is at times measured in publication. If this is true I have recently stumbled into some success. I am sharing a link to an article that anyone who has heard of mental illness can relate to.

I would also like to give credit. If you find the article lengthy the blame rests with me. I was asked to write a piece about mental illness with a certain focus. At the suggestion of my Occupational Therapist over a year ago I had done something similar. It was a file on my computer that I hadn’t hung much worth on. I sent the editor about 15 to 20 pages that I only hoped would give her some suggestions about what I could write. Masterfully quick, I was returned something that was readable. I was in awe. It was like being at a magic show trying to figure out “how the heck”.

If you haven’t the time to finish the article, please find its end and the name of the editor. It belongs to one of the finest people I know.

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