I Still Think Prime Minister Harper Has Some Mike Duffy On His Tie

I was in Calgary at the Conservative Convention.

I brought my high tech shot glass to put my ear on the odd door but the volunteers in blue shirts would have none of it. I wasn’t worried about long guns but I retreated quickly as tasers and mental illness don’t mix.

I was blasted by empty words and statements that can’t be argued but add nothing to the truth. The entertainment was a concession. I could clearly see the Teflon Toupee at the piano. At least now I know what the Prime Minister does when people are scheming and cutting checks. “It wasn’t me; I was practicing ‘C.’”

I was expecting the stage and hall to have a European motif. Canadians need to be mindful of the fact that you flew across the world to shake a hand so we would forget the pointing fingers. You can paint a plane but you can’t paint a smile on John Baird’s face and have him shake a hand?

I’m not sure I’m comfortable with this whole convention thing. It worries me that the Prime Minister who answers to few will be taking direction from Conservatives who can see no wrong. The country needs a change of tune but those notes should come from all Canadians not a party faithful. They clap as you hit each key but you need to be careful thinking the audience is representative of Canadians. While conservatives stand, clap and cheer as you dodge each question, the majority of Canadians sit and shake their heads. What is the harm in letting Canadians see the sheet music you march us to? All this “it’s good for the party” is not always for the good of the country. Mr Prime Minister, you may be a Conservative, a Reformer and more but PM shouldn’t mean Please Members.

You can call it politics but please don’t refer to your dealings as democratic. The fact that you have painted yourself as the leader of this government makes it difficult to hear and say otherwise at this point. There is mud on many and it seems illogical if not hysterical to think that there is none on you. You have us fairly convinced that the “vision” is yours. The puppeteer draws attention to self when he starts to cut the strings. Eventually the show is over and the Harper government will be remembered for what it was. Sad.

As an aside:

Stephen Harper’s ex fiance Cynthia Williams is quoted as saying “He’s very honest, and he’s very, very loyal, “You can never question that. If you are somebody that he cares about, he will be there for you.”

It’s not hard to see the ghost writer on this eBook. Loyalty is easy to recognize when you’re not under the bus. To never question loyalty is either slight brain damage or simple brainwashing.

“Many people described him to me as, ‘the reluctant politician.’ He had to be pulled into the job.”

 Possibly he had to be pulled into the job because he was meant for a different one. I feel bad for the guy. He really never asked to be there and now he has to deal with Senates and prorogue what can’t swim on its own. For someone who is a reluctant politician Mr. Harper seems to find no contradiction in smear campaigns or hyper control of content and image. I guess you have to ask yourself is he running the country like some guy who was pushed into it or someone who clings to it. I would expect more honesty and openness from someone who isn’t there for themselves. Seriously, if you are there for Canadians it shouldn’t matter if you keep your seat, it should be a day by day honour.

If you really care about Stephen Harper as a person, the only fair thing to do is pull him out of the job.

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