My New Motto: “Sorry About That”

Firstly, you should know my oven is electric, my razor is electric and I’m too environmentally friendly to drown myself in the shower. I can only tie granny knots, my gun shoots BB’s, I live on a second floor and I’m too lazy to walk to the Thames River.

I don’t think I am overly depressed but then again half of the tornado trees from Grand Bend are in my backyard and I wouldn’t call myself manic. I would say that bipolar is similar to transition eyeglasses. I remember being out on bail from jail and driving with my mother who had new sunglasses. She was quite excited by certain trees and shrubs in spring bloom and shared her excitement with me. “Whatever” I thought. After we got home she figured out her new glasses had a violet hue to them thus distorting her reality of beauty. Bi-polar is similar except it is not so easy to remove your lenses. When I am up things are overly optimistic and bright and when I am down they are overly dark and distorted.

I was frustrated by the world we live in and was fairly certain my main contribution was ending up at the Greenway Sewage Treatment Facility. I only expected a little peace but I had no intention of seeking anything eternal. I’m not sure I’m even owed it. I should have qualified some of my statements but I am in the habit of saying what is on my mind. I’m still convinced few read my blog but for those that do, thanks.

When Justin Beiber’s used shoes sell for anything and it makes the news we all need to re-evaluate. No? I’m not convinced he has journeyed anywhere much less anywhere meaningful. If anything he needs a boot up the ass. He must be a bad boy though with all those tattoos. We all know toughness is in the tint and beauty is in biceps.

A few things have culminated in my mood or as I see it outlook. I have a virus and now that the fever has broken my ears are plugged and considering my nose is plugged it seems relatively easy to breath underwater. My chest is depositing phlegm on my tongue so I don’t feel too pretty or poetic.

I had to put my cat down. Any pet owner should relate but this cat was my life preserver. When I first lived in the community he wandered the house with me and attacked my feet when I didn’t want to move them. When I didn’t care he made me care for him. When I couldn’t sleep I could hear him running up and down the stairs so I knew it was okay not to. When I was anxious he purred and I learned how to be content. When I had no one to touch or to be touched by he brushed against me. Godspeed Sam.

I took an old friend to task and possibly shouldn’t have. St. Joseph’s Health Care is was and always will be a great and gracious organization because of those who it employs. I slapped them to turn their heads towards my friends who I view as humiliated to a degree, somewhat in danger and relatively exposed and compromised. Maybe we can find a solution.

So that’s roughly where I was coming from. I have every intention of keeping my promised presentations and I have performed through worse health. I wont succumb to discouragement when I have endured so much more for so much longer.

5 thoughts on “My New Motto: “Sorry About That”

    • Hi Chuck, It’s nice to hear from you. Thanks for letting me know you read my blog. The smoking is definitely a dilemma. I understand the new laws and the prohibition of smoking on hospital properties but if self-defence is an exception for murder, patient safety and dignity should be exceptions to smoking boundaries. Take care. Brett

  1. Hi Brett,

    I read along as well and always enjoy reading your perspective – even more so now as I start my OT career in forensic psychiatry in Hamilton tomorrow morning. Sorry to hear you’re in a period of being down – and I’m even more sorry your cat isn’t there to help get you through it. Take care,

    • Hi Natalie, I am so pleased to hear you are going to be doing good in the forensic system. I am pleased for you but even more so for the people you will touch. You more than deserve it but my satisfaction finds its footing in knowing individuals in Hamilton will be exposed to your spirit and talents. My feline friend is missing but I take comfort in knowing you will be assisting individuals in the forensic system. My fight is half fought with you in your position. I wish you all the best but I will not wish you good luck as I know much more has manifested in your new position. Do me proud and keep in touch. Kind regards Brett

      • Thank you Brett! You’ve been a great inspiration to me. I’m excited about what my future holds for sure and can’t wait to be an advocate for my clients in the forensic system!

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