Miley Cyrus

I sometimes go to YouTube to search a lovely song.

When I see what is popular, it seems something has gone wrong.

Silliness and humour I completely understand.

When I see Miley Cyrus, it’s a little less than grand.

Among the popularity: numbers and views

Children; sons and daughters are given cues.

You twist and suggest, little left to imagination.

Life for the young is often imitation.

Little more than sexual; gaining popularity and fame,

I don’t want my daughter becoming half the same.

She is beautiful, intelligent, kind and caring.

To me at least she has so much more worth sharing.

Let us see you swimming, playing tennis, any kind of sport.

Show the world some modesty not a skirt which covers short.

Let us see you learning and reading from a book.

Intelligence is longer lasting than the places you have us look.

Miley: we like you for your voice and the words from in your heart.

Do the world a favour and cover up from where it is you fart.