I had one good friend when I was in the Forensic hospital. His name was Ed and my head and heart are filled with memories of him and our time together. We were quite different from each other in many ways but we had common experiences. I learned much from Ed and more in his passing.

Ed was an ordinary man whose life involved extraordinary events and circumstances. Ed had faults, some which were obvious. What I saw behind what would obscure the view for some, was a normal, compassionate, empathetic, generous and decent man. I remember him because of the impact he was making in my life at the time. What I hold in my heart for him is best described as love. What I learned from his life I am attempting to put into action to reflect more of the good that he passed onto me.

Ed taught me to persevere and stand up for yourself even when you know you will lose. Ed taught me to share with others even if you do not have much yourself. Ed taught me that any time spent with someone you care about is precious in the end. Ed taught me that there is more to be had in a persons eyes and voice than in their physical form. Ed taught me that sitting in silence can be as memorable as words. Ed taught me that love is more recognizable as it disappears. Ed taught me that tolerance is a key to relationship. Ed taught me that even as I was struggling there were people on my path to help me. Ed was my friend but he is also a lesson.