30,000 feet

One of the strangest things I saw while in Newfoundland was a United cemetery and Anglican cemetery “side by each” but separated by a chain link fence. The Catholics were buried on a beautiful hill in town. Apparently a fence wasn’t separation enough. I was unaware that there were at least three heavens. It got me to thinking about how we draw lines and build fences between ourselves. I’m writing this on a plane at 30,000 feet and there is a curtain drawn between first class and economy. I’m not sure what this fabric blocks out but we weave our differences everywhere we go. We will all put our heads between our knees and kiss our asses goodbye in the event of a catastrophic event. These events seem one of the few times we realize we are each flesh and bone, tears and wind. The rest of the time we we draw lines.

Economy – First Class        Protestant – Catholic    Albertan – Ontarian

University Grad – High school drop out       Child – Adult          English – French

Hockey Fan – Soccer Fan                Rich – Poor                             Virgin – Stud

Musical – Tone Deaf                         Black – White                    Cyclist – Runner

GAP – American Eagle                     Classy – Crude                    Owner – Renter

Near sighted – Far sighted                Fat – Thin                           Swimmer – Sinker

Canadian – American                   Gay – Straight                           Married – Single

Rural – Urban                                   Sibling – Only child                     Pretty – Ugly

Right handed – Left handed         Sophomore – Freshman              Brunette – Redhead

Military – Civilian                          White collar – Blue collar            Teacher – Nurse

Leader – Follower                         Literate – Illiterate                      Funny – Boring

Popular – Outcast                          Amateur – Professional          Punker – Preppy

Tattooed – Ink free                           Vegetarian – Carnivore         Mentally ill – Normal

Politician – Honest

I’m sure one could write a whole book out of the lines we draw between one another. Some provide identity while others simply offer differences. Differences to be judged by and differences we can push one another away with. They are often differences we don’t understand or put into perspective. I love the saying ” we all put our pants on one leg at a time.” Most of our differences are not important enough to actually change us. Most of these differences are simply a way to paint each other into corners where we make the decision of whether to care about each other. But when the ship is sinking it’s a good idea to cling to each other. Death is the decider of difference and when you’re dead none of it will make a difference. As far as heaven for different religions I just hope they are connected like the oceans because there are some fellow passengers I wouldn’t want to have a fence to climb to be with.

5 thoughts on “30,000 feet

  1. Love it. I’m sure the heavens will have a little chain link fence between them just like the cemetery, for all the difference that would make. 😛

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