20% off

I was at an auction today. I was standing in line to pay for my purchases – deals really. I had a good look at what other people bought. I saw boxes with puzzles and posters, dishes and trinkets, crappy art (though who am I to say) old chairs and barbeques I wouldn’t boil water on. One man’s junk is another’s treasure but I saw no treasure.

It became apparent to me that if one can purchase something for less than it might usually go for we gladly throw money and pee our pants all the way home until we are faced with the reality of where to put everything. Isn’t our world based on getting something for less? I can’t think of much that doesn’t come on “sale”. Aren’t we all drawn to 20% or even 50% off? If someone or something tells us we are getting away with more for less we take it; on credit no less. We borrow money to buy something that has seemingly lost some of its value.

I have three days worth of dog poop in my backyard. It’s a door crasher, 75% off; early bird special and while quantities last. Products may not be exactly as shown. Seriously, I’m giving this shit away! I imported it and be damned, I’m taking a loss on this product because I’m a caring capitalist- we’re rampant, just check your flyers.

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