Mayor Matt Brown needs to show the residents of London his official arithmetic. How many unproven accusations equal mayoral input?

London has become a circus of self-important and at times self-serving individuals who by measure of opinion have concluded the truth or even determined a verdict regarding what resembles an uncharged foreigner. I hope American’s will respect our process of law. I really don’t care what is said about Bill Cosby but I am concerned as a citizen of the city of London. I’m concerned that the mayorship is being used to serve the mayors personal opinions.

In his haste to propel himself into the publicity parade London’s mayor now needs to stand from his seat to answer Londoners. Will Mayor Matt Brown be acting and proclaiming publicly according to his personal opinions or worse, those of someone else with regard to Canadian citizen’s who are without charge? We have seen him perform with prejudice regarding this American; can Londoners or other Canadian citizens expect the same from his term of office?

I hope all ends well with this American saga but we need for a moment to freeze the situation. Bill Cosby is currently without charge. As a Canadian citizen is it my right to be unencumbered by the mayor of any city if I am without charge? Mayor Matt Brown has started the New Year with a precedent or is it a resolution?

Mayor Matt Brown needs to show the residents of London his official arithmetic. How many unproven accusations equal mayoral input? I don’t care if you’re a man or a woman or anyone in between but I think we should all be concerned with an elected politician using his or her office to engage with the process of law using opinion. Hopefully the mayor just has an issue with Bill Cosby but what if the mayor has an issue with you? Will the mayor be making a habit of commenting on Canadian court cases and or individual citizens who are without charge? What if the accused or even the injured is not a friend of the mayor or premier? Matt Brown is just Matt Brown but when he speaks as the mayor people consider some of it official. It is dangerous to allow politicians to use their measure of press to promote personal opinions. It is not beyond the realm of possibilities that an elected official can influence public opinion. My worry is public opinion informing the process of law thereby contaminating it.

We are becoming a society of trial by Twitter.

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